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New Orleans- Part 1

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Jackson, Mississippi

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“World’s Only Cactus Plantation!”

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Driving from Clarksdale to Jackson, we passed signs for the world’s only Cactus Plantation. Obviously intrigued, we decided to follow the signs, which took us on a bit of a wild goose hunt. The old man working used to be a salesman for Frito’s in New Orleans when it was just getting going. He gave us bottles of water. We bought a little cactus for Rachel Jarman which immediately tipped over in the car, spilling dirt all over the back seat.

Mississippi Delta

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Downtown Clarksdale is a funny place — you can’t tell what’s faux-derelict and what’s genuine. The store fronts are complete with (vividly colored) peeling paint, and old-fashioned signage.

Everything seemed to be closed on Sundays. Even the Cotton Museum.

This jewelery store was one of the few shops open.

A close up shot of a banner in the Delta Blues Museum.

The side of Muddy Water’s shack in the museum.

A stack of tires I made slightly more colorful.

Shack Up Inn — Clarksdale, MS

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Ok. A blog can’t even begin to describe how amazing the place we are staying in tonight (and probably tomorrow night) is. It is in Clarksdale, Mississippi, right near where famed blues musician Robert Johnson reportedly sold his soul to the devil in return for musical skills. Already cool. It is also a series of converted share-cropper shack. The place is called Shack Up Inn, and has more character and “rustic” charm than you can shake a quirkily derelict stick at. Pictures give it more justice that my feeble words, so I’m just going to put up a few of my favorites with lots more to come I’m sure.

Our shack- The Pinetop Shack.

A really cool table that I was tempted to sneak into my purse. If I had a table-sized purse.

more alabama

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We had breakfast as a restaurant that you had to be 18 or older to go in. They stopped serving breakfast by 10:30. Smoking was allowed.

Sugar packs

Our Very First Tractor Pull

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But before I get to that, aren’t these cups brilliant? They were a mere $1.25 at the Cook’s Natural Science Museum (sponsored by Cook’s pest control!). I just thought they were darling.

And then we went to a tractor pull.