Everyone looks important in DC

I am writing this post in Caribu Cafe, a lovely, perhaps overly faux-rustic coffee shop on the corner of 17th and L in downtown DC. Between evesdropping on other people’s phone conversations (one women just made a reservation for two somewhere!) and catching up on my very sparse emails, I happened to look up at the lights hanging from the ceiling. I’ve been meaning to pay closer attention to lighting, and was thrilled to notice the harmony between the squares and angles of the hanging lanterns with the riveted beams from which they hang.


2 Responses to “Everyone looks important in DC”

  1. Hey Rachel,
    I’m excited about this multi-blog chronology of a trip, and I really like the photos so far. I have three thoughts:

    1. This blog might make you seem like you’re on drugs a lot of the time. Especially the mesmerizing food courts.

    2. I hope the pots were put there by machines.

    3. The (accidental?) formatting that happened with “haunted county fair” is fucking cool.

  2. If you see any memorial/monument, may it be the Einstein Memorial next to the Lincoln – tis quite fun to run around on, plus there’s a map of the constellations at his feet.

    Also, be sure to drop by Adams Morgan – tis one of the hang-out areas of sorts.

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