Finally internet

After a frightful day and a half without access to wireless internet in Philadelphia, we have finally been able to sit a spell in a cafe in D.C that so graciously gives it out for free. (Unlike Starbucks, which seems to me like a poor business plan). In any event, I can finally post pictures that I’ve taken between NYC and Philly. Here they are.Man or machine?

Whilst lost in Swedesboro, PA, we came across a field absolutely saturdated with rows of these red flower pots. I’ve never seen anything like it. My burning question, however, is whether or not a human or machine is responsible for putting them in such rows? Thoughts?

Near by, in search of what a signed advertised as a “Hero Tournament”, we stumbeled upon a what looked like an old auction field, complete with derelict buildings.

This one tickled my fancy.


2 Responses to “Finally internet”

  1. i love that photo of the flower pots. reminds me of everyone sitting in a row with the hats at graduation. but much more fertile. remember in montreal when i thought i was pregnant?
    anyways i also love comments. so i’m giving you one.

  2. those pots were definitely laid by hand. labor is cheap in the nursery business.

    – a friend of a friend of ben t

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