South Carolina!

Driving behind a colorful grid of canoes.

Boats on the Road

Our tent sight was silently attacked by comically ugly ducks that looked like turkeys. Here is Ben recording their sounds. Sound clip up soon.

There were about 12 turducks all together. Here is where technology meets nature:

This sign in the bathroom of the campground makes slipping look like so much fun. Wee!

Pretty colors.

Charleston! My new favorite city.

We stumbled upon a photo shoot for a catalog called Jessica London.

I could not stop taking pictures of these pink and yellow flowers.

We went into a store called Plum Elements Artful Living that had lots of cool things, including this neat tree sculpture made of little pieces of wood scraps nailed together!

The end.


5 Responses to “South Carolina!”

  1. i wanna go sliding on the floors too! btw, nice faucet from albemarle. looks like a grumpy face.

  2. Can’t wait for the soundtrack of the ducks . . Maybe you’ll take one along as a driving companion?? Love the canoes . . reminds me of our boat-loving neighbor’s driveway . . .

  3. Rachel, your photo’s are amazing….I LOVE them. I don’t even have a favorite! I like the faucet that looks like a face and the turkeys and the canoes and the pink flowers and the cool paper tree. I love how you see the world!

  4. Aly and Jamie Says:

    Hiya coach! this is aly/jamie. Lillix is here too. We just wanted to say we love your blog, and thanks for listening to us as we recorded our themesongs. your pictures are really hot. -jamie and aly, but not lillix. well maybe lillix, but definitely not coach. aka dafna.

  5. nice canoes! those flowers live here too!

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