Atlanta. AKA, our day in the coca cola world

We arrived in Atlanta yesterday, and all I could think about was the World of Coca Cola that I had seen a special on the tv about. It sounded magical. So after spending the first part of the afternoon with Steve’s friend from college, we plugged the address of this wonderland into out GPS. It took us to a location that did not resemble that of a coke kingdom. So, after parking the car there anyway, we finally found directions to the place, which was about a 20 minute walk away. We were tired, we were hot, and we wanted a nice cold glass of Coke. After paying 15 dollars, we were herded with a huge group of people into a room full of Coke paraphernalia, which was overall a bore. Finally, at the end of the videos and talks, we were allowed to enter the Taste room, where everyone huddled around machines that had Coke products from each country to try. The design, however, of the whole building was outstanding, so at least it had that going for it. Here are pictures, as well as the walls that were designed by Antoine + Manuel, my new heroes.


One Response to “Atlanta. AKA, our day in the coca cola world”

  1. Thos walls are nifty, I don’t really get the coke connection though, I would’ve thought Coke would want to brand every square foot it could.
    I hope you have a great time on the rest of this trip, and I’ve really enjoyed the blog so far, your different perspective lets those of us reading all three blogs really get a good picture of whats going on on the trip. Happy Trails.

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