more alabama

We had breakfast as a restaurant that you had to be 18 or older to go in. They stopped serving breakfast by 10:30. Smoking was allowed.

Sugar packs


3 Responses to “more alabama”

  1. hughbroughter Says:

    When I saw Les Claypool there’s a song with a call and response for the audience where they ask “who wants to go to d’s diner” and we all shout “i do” and then they ask “who wants to go down to d’s” and we shout “me”. it’s pretty fun. hi rachel.

  2. Susan T. Says:

    Rachel — I love those sugar packs, too! Think you should do a whole book on the collective pictures (those wonderful repeating images!)printed with appropriate collective nouns: red pots,canoes, cafe lights, whiskey barrels, bikes, sugar packs. . . a plot of pots, a clique of canoes, a surge of cycles, a swirl of sugars etc!

  3. Daniela Says:

    I agree with Susan. These images are really strong, and if you assemble them into a book of sorts, then you should really work hard on the sequencing to make a strong portfolio.

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