Anatomy of my purse

Today was spent driving to Flagstaff about an hour away, eating falafel, buying books, and driving home. On the way back, in a state of half-sleep, half-car sick, I decided that when I got back to the house we were staying in (my uncle’s), I would immediately pour everything out of my purse, place the items in an organized fashion on the floor, and take a picture of it. Which is what I just did. So here it is. I know how much all of you readers/picture lookers have been just dying to know what I carry around in my purse and now your minds can rest, for they will finally know what I lug around all day.

Ta da! Now if you are extra bored/ interested, here is a detailed description of each item, numbered for your convenience.

1,2 – Two pens I took from a container in Bookman’s used book store in Flagstaff, where 18 was purchased.

3- A notebook purchased from a Target next to Bookman’s. I wrote down this idea inside that very notebook upon its conception, so I wouldn’t forget when I roused myself from the half dream/half car sick state. Since this is such an important thing I am doing…

4- A balm I bought from a medicine woman on a Navajo reservation. Apparently her sister makes it, and it is she who is featured on the lid.

5- Change in the bottom of the purse.

6- A postcard from El Rancho hotel, which was given to us on the desk in the hotel room. I began to write a letter home on it, then stopped, realizing I would just call them on the phone in a few minutes away. Not wanting to leave a half written post card on a desk, or throw out a post card, it has been in my purse ever since.

7- The ticket/bookmark we were given to gain entry into the UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell. Remember, it is also a bookmark!

8- A postcard from Shiny Pony Land, a store in Marfa that is co-run by the wife of the man who interviewed us on the Marfa Public Radio Station. Lovely couple, lovely items. I plan to go back when I amass my millions in the photo blog industry to buy a dress I fell in love with for $350.

9- This would be my trusty cell phone.

10- The business card for the buyer of the Contemporary Art Museum in Houston. I tried emailing her about my Bullet Buddies, but her email doesn’t seem to work…curious indeed.

11a- My Juice Leatherman, given to me my the thoughtful Ben Terris.

11b- As I write this, I realized that there are two elevens. This 11 is my wallet.

12- A smaller, pinker swiss army knife. You can never have too many knives. Though I have yet to use either…

13- Sunglasses.

14- A receipt for food we bought yesterday afternoon at Mt. Hope Natural Food store, in Cottonwood.

15- Two shells I have been toting along from Folly Beach in South Carolina.

16- Earrings, one of which as lost ofs wire.

17- More earrings.

18- A headband.

19- The book I bought from Bookman’s. So far, so good!

20- A necklace Ben got me in Spain.

21- A spare key to start the car.

22- A spare key to open the car door.

23- (back to the top!) A business card from Marfa Public Radio.

Congrats! You are done. I promise you won’t have to read so much again, so please keep checking back for more photos.


One Response to “Anatomy of my purse”

  1. Rachel J Says:

    1. i really enjoyed that. its a neat photo
    2. glad you have your phone!
    2b. and your wallet!


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