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A couple more

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I lied, I’m not done with this blog. Yet. Here are two more pictures I took from Vermont.


The End.

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A week ago, my portion of the road trip came to an end. Steve and Ben are continuing on, so make sure to keep up with their blogs. I, however, am attempting to join the ranks of those in the “real” world (not that Steve and Ben aren’t!). I thought a good first step would be to make a website that combines all of my projects and portfolios. May I present to you,! Yep, it’s true! I compiled a “best of” from the road trip blog in a photo gallery, in case you are in the mood for highlights. And if you feel like any are missing, let me know! There were a lot to go through.


So, that’s it, I guess. Keep tabs on me through my website, I’m sure there will be more blogs to come! Thanks for reading/looking!!



A stationary Rachel.

A taste of San Fransisco

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My newest artistic medium — leftover food.

Reflection of Tree on Car

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I really like this picture. I think it is from Del Mar. It is the reflection of a tree on the hood of our scratched up Camry, and reminds me of some old picture long forgotten of a tree, scratched up and faded by the years.

But no, it’s not nearly as poetic.

Sunsets and Artichokes: The last leg.

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We ate at the Giant Artichoke, a restaurant in the artichoke capital of the world, Castroville, California.

Portrait of the artichoke as a young vegetable.

Camping/Big Sur

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Let me get this out there: I am not a big outdoors person. I love looking at nature, I like pretty things. I like flowers (as long as there aren’t bees), picnics (as long as there aren’t bees), and animals, (as long as they are far away.) For the past 5 days, we have been camping. We spent 2 nights in Topanga Canyon, where the campground was 1 MILE hike to. But it turned out being great, and at only $3 a person, a real steal. We were also serenaded by a man and his nephew, who come out to the forest and walk around at night playing their Native American flutes. It was pretty awesome.

And then we moved on to Big Sur, where we stayed at an amazing place called Treebones. Look it up. Go there. You can even stay in a yurt!

The most hilarious seaweed I ever saw. A carrot!

LA to Sandiego

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Very cool piece involving lots of lamp posts outside of the new Broad Museum in LA.

Stumbled into a neat gallery/studio in Culver City (on our way to a taping of Deal or No Deal. Shhh.) Gregg Fleishman, who shares the studio Other Zones II with Nana Tchitchoua and Rachel Portenstein, makes chairs called Sculptchairs, that all fit together like puzzle pieces and are pleasantly bendy and flexible. He also makes larger structures, and lamps.

Then we went to the beach.

And saw horses race in Del Mar. Behind the track were billions of little white houses.