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Camping/Big Sur

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Let me get this out there: I am not a big outdoors person. I love looking at nature, I like pretty things. I like flowers (as long as there aren’t bees), picnics (as long as there aren’t bees), and animals, (as long as they are far away.) For the past 5 days, we have been camping. We spent 2 nights in Topanga Canyon, where the campground was 1 MILE hike to. But it turned out being great, and at only $3 a person, a real steal. We were also serenaded by a man and his nephew, who come out to the forest and walk around at night playing their Native American flutes. It was pretty awesome.

And then we moved on to Big Sur, where we stayed at an amazing place called Treebones. Look it up. Go there. You can even stay in a yurt!

The most hilarious seaweed I ever saw. A carrot!