About Rachel

Having recently graduated from Brandeis University with a BA in sculpture, Rachel Pfeffer decided to drive across the country instead of getting a job. Her interest in art and journalism lead to the conception of this blog, which features unexpected designs and patterns from the road, not to mention interesting architecture, people, landscapes, and animals. Her two fellow travelers are keeping blogs as well, at http://www.americanpostcard.wordpress.com and http://www.acrossthegreatdivide.us. They refer to themselves often as Johnny Bloggleseed, and hope to spread blogging joy from coast to coast. You can reach her at pfeffer.rachel@gmail.com, and see her work at the following sites:



And her Bullet Buddies at www.bulletbuddies.com



3 Responses to “About Rachel”

  1. hey Rach!

    It sounds like you are going to have an amazing summer!

    best of luck,

    your biggest fan, T

  2. Curt Pfeffer Says:

    Hi Rachel…let me know when you guys close in on me. Would’nt want to miss you. I will be away for sure July 23rd thru Aug 3rd. I look foward to showing you fire hydrants and more. See ya,C~~~

  3. your pictures are really neat, I really like this blog, thanks for revealing some of the U.S.A. through your eyes

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