LA to Sandiego

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Very cool piece involving lots of lamp posts outside of the new Broad Museum in LA.

Stumbled into a neat gallery/studio in Culver City (on our way to a taping of Deal or No Deal. Shhh.) Gregg Fleishman, who shares the studio Other Zones II with Nana Tchitchoua and Rachel Portenstein, makes chairs called Sculptchairs, that all fit together like puzzle pieces and are pleasantly bendy and flexible. He also makes larger structures, and lamps.

Then we went to the beach.

And saw horses race in Del Mar. Behind the track were billions of little white houses.


Finding Fame in L.A

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Santa Monica Pier

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Palos Verdes, California

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At Donald Trump’s Golf Course.


(not from the beach) (from the side of the road in the desert somewhere).

From Vegas To LA..with some Salvation Mountain in between

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After Las Vegas, we decided to explore the Salton Sea, and very strange place indeed. In the 50’s, it boasted a popular vacation destination, but then the giant lake became polluted with argircultural run off, the salt levels became too high, and all of the fish died. Then it flooded, and all of the resorts died. Now, a smattering of people still live there, and enjoy a beautiful lake in the desert. The only problem is the stench. And the thousands of fish bones…

 And then we went to Salvation Mountain, which was featured in the book/movie Into the Wild. Indeed, it was wild. Leonard Knight, the man in the picture, has been working on this masterpiece for 20+ years. He also lives in it.

He also had the most adorable kitten I have ever seen.

The view from the top.




Vegas to Amboy, CA

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The ceiling of the Belagio. Glass flowers!

The view from outside our Vegas room.

A teeny little bar called the Palms in the absolute middle of nowhere, in a town called Wonder Valley.

Strange salt flats in Amboy, CA.

A sign in front said “pyramids for sale”.

Traffic Jam on the Hoover Dam, and some Vegas

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